Success Stories

This is what Taste Success is all about: Helping people experience the health and weight loss that they've always wanted but have struggled to achieve.

Angela's Story

I had tried all kinds of fad diets, Weight Watchers etc., so it was very convenient that Amy, our facilitator, stumbled across Taste Success and introduced it to our singing group. It sounded exactly the lifestyle path that I needed and would suit my busy lifestyle. Best. Move. EVER!!

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Gemma's Story

My attitude and awareness! Honestly speaking it would also be self-love – knowing to care and nourish our bodies. This whole program has changed my perspective, before this course I forgot about myself and my body was paying for it. Now I not only make healthy food choices I am mindful of my well being, attitude and stress relief.

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Previously I was working out three times a week with very little weight loss. Now that I am teaming fitness with the Taste Success program I am having wonderful results. Thus far I have lost about 19 lbs, 3% body fat and a total body measurement loss of 16 inches. I have discovered that food is definitely the key component for losing unwanted weight.

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