Something Special From New Zealand

Many people struggle with food and weight challenges for their entire lives. But a unique program has spread across New Zealand that provides a new pathway to using simple healthy food, with the support of a personal coach to create impressive health outcomes. The program allows people who want a new relationship with food to taste success beginning with a 12-week program.
Developed by Naturopath Tracey Loughran
Developed by Naturopath Tracey Loughran, who saw the need for an easy, wholefoods-based eating program that would really help clients of her Naturopathic practice to take control of their health and live well. She developed the Taste Success program, and began using it successfully in her own clinic. Now the program has spread across New Zealand and is starting in Canada. In March of 2019, the program became available in the United States.

For those who want to eat simply and experience better health, the program allows them to "taste success," resulting in important health outcomes which often include weightloss.

What Makes the Program Special

The founding principle of Taste Success is loving kindness. We want you to be kind to yourself, and not use our program as just another way to go into battle with food. We believe simple food is nourishment and should be joyful.

Many people have lost their way with this connection and food has become a battleground that causes much negative emotion, stress and low self-esteem. Our team provides great support and will encourage your positive, confident journey back to healthy eating, giving you skills for life. Your story will always be heard and you will have a real connection with someone who cares about your health and well-being.

Our programs are suited to anyone who wants to experience a fresh, new way of eating and enjoy the healthy outcomes of simple nutrition.

Taste Success in the United States

To effectively bring Taste Success to the United States, Capacity to Serve Inc, a U.S. nonprofit has partnered with Taste Success in New Zealand. This collaborative approach provides for access to materials at cost, while taking advantage of video conference and smart training technology to provide for the same training and expertise that is making a difference in New Zealand.  Program leadership can be reached by email.

Taste Success facilitators bring their own passion for health to the program and receive training while delivering invaluable support to participants who receive specially designed cookbook and guidance.  Program participants enjoy great support while they learn new approaches to healthy eating and take those skills into a lifetime of better health.